allow two weeks for custom cookie orders






Old Fashioned - assorted cookies with soft butter frosting assorted shapes. Sprinkles also available. $18.00/dozen

Simple - frosted cookie with sweet and simple design $22.00/dozen

Decorative - frosted cookies with creative designs on a smaller cookie 2 1/2 to 3 inch less detailed, up to 3 colors, but lovely $24.00/dozen

Elaborate - custom cookies decorated with multiple colors, hand painted designs, themes, characters on a large cookie 4 inches or larger $27.00/dozen

Specialty Cookies - our miniature cookies are available in a variety of shapes, iced or not for only $9.00/dozen. Perfect for little hands! Available in sugar, french shortbread, Russian tea cookies, kolaches (nut-filled, cream cheese, and apricot )gingerbread (seasonal)



French Shortbread - a delicate buttery cookie pairs well with a cup of tea. Also available in chocolate. $18.00/dozen (add frosting for the price of a sugar cookie)

Vanilla or Chocolate Shortbread - a traditional favorite. Plain, sprinkles, or frosted. Same as sugar cookie prices.

Cookie Bar - cookie layered with caramel dipped in milk or dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. It’s the closest thing to a candy bar! $21.00/dozen

Checkerboard - a pretty pattern of vanilla and chocolate shortbread sprinkled lightly with sugar. Substitute vanilla shortbread with pink or blue for a baby shower theme! $9.00/dozen



All $15.00/DOZEN

Chocolate Chip


Peanut Butter

Oatmeal Raisin


Favors - individually wrapped cookies come in resealable cellophane for $.20/cookie and includes your choice of ribbon. Free cellophane wrap with orders of 4 dozen or more. 

Cookies on a stick - perfect for kid's parties and made with melted vanilla candy that holds the stick in place for an additional $.30/cookie 


Bake at 350 Weddings

All of our cookies make great wedding cookies. Call or email for a complimentary tasting.